Frames & Building Material

  • 70mm and 90mm Super Frame
  • 40mm top hat
  • 20mm furring channels
  • 150mm C Steel Purlin
  • Flooring, Roofing & Cladding
  • Nuts, bolts and accessories

"Join the sustainable living movement!"

Frames & Building Material

At Allgatti Homes, we are committed to redefining the way we build homes.

Our passion lies in creating structures that bring together precision, strength, sustainability, and efficiency.

With a focus on steel frame construction, we've unlocked the potential to craft residences that stand the test of time, no matter the elements.

But, Allgatti Homes isn't just about constructing homes. "it's about cultivating a movement towards sustainable living".

Join us in shaping a future where innovation, strength, and environmental consciousness converge to create spaces that embody your dreams and values.

Contact us today to embark on a journey that transcends conventional home construction.

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70mm and 90mm Super Frame...

Our expertise is exemplified through our signature 70mm and 90mm SuperFrame system.

These steel frames are the foundation of our groundbreaking approach to housing.

The 70mm frames strike the perfect balance between durability and adaptability, ensuring your home remains solid and flexible in every season.

Meanwhile, our 90mm frames offer enhanced strength and increased insulation capabilities, providing homes that are resilient against even the harshest conditions.


Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

SuperFrame embraces sustainability as a core principle.

We take pride in constructing eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes that significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Our commitment to insulation is unwavering – a commitment that translates into reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills for you.


Top Hats and Battens...

Incorporating top hats and battens into our construction, we elevate the insulation game to a new level.

These elements work in harmony with our SuperFrames, improving thermal efficiency throughout your home by being able to add thicker insulation.

Your space will be a haven of comfort, shielded from external fluctuations while preserving the planet's resources.