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Home In Box Trailer

There is no need for council or CDC approval with Home in a Box on a Trailer.

Discover the Freedom of Mobile Living...
If you've ever imagined having a home that moves with you, Home in a Box on a trailer might be your perfect solution.

However, it's important to understand the legalities and regulations that come with these unique living spaces.

Mobile homes on trailers are commonly recognized as registrable caravans. This identification brings with it exciting possibilities – it might exempt your mobile haven from certain council building approvals.

The idea of living and parking in your own moving sanctuary might be closer than you think.

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Each trailer is designed for its HIB...

Home in a Box Trailers are custom made to fit each living unit.

We custom design and build each trailer to ensure that it is a perfect fit to your new home.

Our trailers are made from high-quality Australian steel to ensure that they can withstand the harsh Australian road conditions.

Each of our trailers comes with all required documents to ensure quick and easy registration.


Modern Design & Construction...

HIB Trailers are made with modern design principles.

Each trailer is custom designed and built to suit the home that it will carry.

Trailers are finished in "dura-gal" to ensure an aesthetic look whilst ensuring the trailer is properly rust-protected.

Having your dream home on a trailer has never been easier.


Durable 'Tow Anywhere' Trailers...

HIB Trailers are made tough to withstand the harsh conditions of Australian roads.

Each trailer is made strong enough to tow your dream home into your living space just about anywhere.

As each state has different regulations for mobile homes, it is important that you plan ahead for transporting your new home to the desired location.

Contact us today and discover the freedom of mobile living...