Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need council approval to build a secondary dwelling?
All new builds require council approval.

  • With modular homes you can apply to council with a section 68 form that allows a completed dwelling to be placed on site, as long as it meets all BCA and council requirements.
  • Flat packs allow you to choose between council approval and in most cases Complying development approval, the building needs to be built on site, this is a preferred method with our customers.


What are the minimum site requirements for a Secondary dwelling?

  • You cannot exceed the maximum internal space of 60 square metres in NSW.
  • You must have a minimum lot area of 450 square metres.
  • You can only build a maximum of one granny flat per lot. Your granny flat must maintain a height of 8.5 metres maximum.
  • You must have a courtyard space of 24 square metres for your granny flat.
  • You must maintain a 12-metre width at the building line of your current main house.
  • You may want to consider attaching the granny flat on your main house if your property doesn’t meet this requirement.
  • You must keep a setback of three metres from the rear of the main house and 0.9 metre from its side boundaries.


Are imported Granny Flats a good alternative?

  • Imported Secondary dwellings are highly unlikely to meet Australian standards, most fail on roof height and non compliant plumbing, wiring, windows and doors.


Is it a good alternative to have a caravan or tiny home on wheels?
Under Current NSW Legislation:

1 caravan on land occupied by the owner of the caravan in connection with the owner’s dwelling house if the caravan is:

(i) used for habitation only by the owner or members of the owner’s household, and
(ii) maintained in a safe and healthy condition,

Councils have been lobbying NSW government to change this legislation to not allow wheel type accommodation on residential sites, most councils are doing all they can to remove these structures from site. We suggest you regularly go to the NSW legislation page and keep up to date and check with your council first.


Are Modular Micro Homes BCA compliant?

  • We manufacture premium-quality materials and construct our homes in our factory at Ingleburn. Utilizing materials that surpass the stringent standards set by the Building Code of Australia. Our Modular homes and Flat Pack Kits come with all certification needed to make your secondary dwelling compliant.