Modular Homes

  • 70mm and 90mm Super Frame
  • Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient
  • strength and insulation value

"Join the sustainable living movement!"

Modular Homes

Modular Micro Homes is truly reshaping tiny homes by introducing factory-built structures crafted with top-notch materials and features tailored to today's discerning homebuyers. Unlike conventional cabins on wheels, these homes are designed for full transportability without compromising the standards expected from traditional housing.

Produced at our Ingleburn factory, Modular Micro Homes places a premium on quality right from the start. They utilize robust G550 frames and cover the exterior with Colorbond steel, ensuring both durability and compliance exceeding building standards. This commitment assures homeowners of the longevity and safety of their investment, instilling confidence in the reliability of their homes.

A standout feature of Modular Micro Homes strategy is their flexibility in meeting council requirements. Understanding the hurdles faced by tiny home owners in adhering to building regulations for legal residency. Whether it's serving as a primary residence, a Granny Flat, or holiday accommodation, our homes cater to various housing needs, including long-term residency options. This adaptability positions our homes as practical solutions for a diverse array of housing preferences, whether as primary dwellings or secondary residences.

Overall, Modular Micro Homes demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to tiny home construction, blending mobility with durability and regulatory compliance. By offering homes that cater to a range of housing needs, they pave the way for a new era in compact and versatile living spaces.

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